Performance by Coco Karol and Mike Buffington, art installation by Aviva Novick. Photo by Michael Yu. 

Since 2011 Home Audio has hosted monthly shows across Brooklyn. 


Our Story

Fresh off of a two week tour with Little Band of Sailors in November of 2011, curator and bass clarinetist Mara Mayer decided to host the first Home Audio show in her apartment in Brooklyn. It featured friends' music and artwork and home-cooked goodies. The inspiration came from her realization while on tour that the most authentic performances happened in venues where the audience could relax, chat with the performers, and feel at HOME!

That first show was a hit and Home Audio hasn't skipped a beat since then. 

I love connecting people across different communities and helping inspire new artistic collaborations between people who meet at my events.
— Mara Mayer, founder & curator

types of performances 

  • Experimental Music
  • Improvised Music
  • Contemporary Classical Music
  • Electronic Music
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Indie Rock
  • Modern Dance
  • Butoh Dance
  • Animation
  • Installation Art
  • Drag
  • Performance Art
  • Interdisciplinary Work